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cosmetic surgery forums guide

Cosmetic Surgery � Ear Surgery

Ear correction or Otoplasty as it is professionally known is the process of reshaping the ear cartilage to make the ears lie flat against the head.

Having prominent ears can lead to bullying during school years and cause lack of confidence and with the advances in the area of many are now turning to this type of surgery to make that simple change that can make all the difference.

The shape and lay of your ears is usually inherited and you can usually see the pattern by looking at one or other of your parents and perhaps your brother or sister. The thing to remember is that in this day and

age, with the advancements in the medical industry, there is very little we can''t change about our appearance.

During the operation (which takes approximately 30 mins) an incision is made behind each ear and the underlying cartilage reshaped, if there is an excess amount some will be removed to ensure the ears lie in a more normal position. Small sutures are made to seal the incision site and the scars are hidden behind the ears and not noticeable.

The turnaround for this procedure is extremely quick with the average waiting time for a consultation appointment 2-3 weeks and the operation occurring 2-3 weeks later.

Cosmetic surgery procedures such as this one can be life changing even though they are only minor operations. The thing to remember is that cosmetic surgery should not be seen just as something celebrities pay for to maintain their looks; it can make a real difference to the average person like you and me.
If you are opting for any form of cosmetic surgery you should ensure you use a reputable company to ensure your plastic surgery procedure runs smoothly.

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