In Preserving Health, Timing Is Everything

In Preserving Health, Timing Is Everything

You probably have heard many times that “timing is everything.” If you can get the best timing, you have a good chance of yielding twice the result with half the effort.

“Indeed, timing is one of the most important factors in preserving health,” TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Practitioner said. “TCM observes and studies the laws and patterns of nature well and applies them to the human body. It regards the human body is a microcosm of the universal macrocosm. Therefore, in order to achieve healthiness, we shall follow the laws of the Universe.”

Here are some examples suggested by TCM Practitioner:

Best Timing For Exercising: Early Evening
“Since the readings of blood pressure in general are higher in the morning, while physical activity also makes blood pressure go up, the best timing for workout is in early evening, especially for people with high blood pressure,” TCM Practitioner said.

Although doing exercise in the morning for people who have normal blood pressure is totally fine, intense workouts can lead to fatigued during the day. Workouts in the evening, on the other hand, provide a direct effect on getting a good night sleep. “It is because physical activity raises our body temperature above normal. If we do exercise in the evening a few hours before bed, our body temperature will start dropping just as we are getting ready for bed. This decrease in body temperature actually serves as a trigger that helps us fall into sleep,” TCM Practitioner said.

Best Timing For Eating Fruit: Between Meals
Different food categories depend upon different digestive secretions. For instance, while protein foods require protein splitting enzymes, carbohydrate foods need carbohydrate-splitting enzymes. As for fruit, not only its acids prevent carbohydrate digestion, but also produce a fermentation. That’s why we should avoid eating acid foods and carbohydrate foods at the same meal.

“The best timing to have fruit is between meals, say one hour before or after meal shall be fine,” TCM Practitioner said. “However, some fruits, like fresh pineapple, contain Proteolytic enzymes (proteases) that will hurt stomach wall when eaten with empty stomach. It should be eaten after meal.”

Best Timing For Having Shower: Before Bed
Warm water dilates blood vessels, allows more blood and oxygen flow into tight and stressed out muscles throughout the body. “Warm water releases muscle tension that keeps the body relaxed and comfortable, a feeling that tells the brain it’s time to start winding down and preparing for sleep,” TCM Practitioner said. “In addition, metabolic functions such as heart rate, breathing, and digestion will be slowed down caused by the drop in body temperature [after a warm shower], which helps initiate a sleepy and tired feeling.”

Image by M.V. Jantzen